Energy Comparison

We aren't affiliated with Ofgem ourselves, but our trusted partners who run our comparison engine are one of 12 comparison companies that are fully Ofgem accredited and signed up to the Be an Energy Shopper scheme.

If you want to find out more, Ofgem's Go Energy Shopping website has a lot of helpful information and advice available for free, including guides and lists of frequently asked questions.

How it all works

Tariff Comparison Rates

The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) is a figure displayed on your energy bill that combines the unti rate with the standing charge so you can accurately compare the prices of multiple tariffs.

Tariff Information Label

The Tariff Information Label is a standardised way of presenting all of the important information about your energy plan, including the unit price, TCR, and term length (if applicable) among other things.

Online Information

Plenty of information can be found for free on the Go Energy Shopping website, from a rundown of how plans are priced to FAQs about the switching process.

Price Comparison Sites

Ofgem have accredited 12 price comparison sites and are doing what they can to promote their use, including seeking to increase the available avenues for customer engagement - this is what allows us to bring offers to your door

Energy Switching Guarantee

Not strictly part of Ofgem's campaign, but related, is the Energy Switching Guarantee - a set of 10 commitments that certain providers have agreed to designed to ensure a smooth and easy switch for customers.

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