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Compare Gas & Electricity Prices

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are you paying too much for your gas & electricity?


The number of Big Six energy customers in the UK still on expensive standard tariffs


The average saving that a typical household could make by switching, according to Ofgem


The total amount that UK customers would save in a properly competitive energy market.

Source: CMA Energy Market Review

To find out if you're paying too much, and to see what kind of savings you could make, just follow the three step process to compare a wide range of plans from a wide range of providers.

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It's easy to find out how much you could save by switching, it won't cost you a penny and you're not committing to anything by comparing.

1  Enter your postcode

Enter your postcode

Energy prices vary from area to area, so we need your postcode in order to generate an accurate list of quotes for you to choose from.

2  Fill in the form

Fill in the form

Let us know a bit about your current tariff(s), and what you're looking for from your new provider. It's best if you have a bill to hand at this point.

3  Choose a tariff

Choose a tariff

Based on what you've told us, we'll show you a list of all of the available tariffs in your area, all you need to do is pick the best one!

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Keep those savings ticking away...

If you’ve been on a fixed rate tariff that’s come to an end, or have just moved in to a new property, the chances are that you’re on a Standard Variable Tariff. These tend to be among the most expensive tariffs offered by any supplier - Ofgem reckon that customers on standard tariffs are paying up to £250 more a year than those who fix.

If you switch to a fixed rate plan through us, we’ll send you an e-mail reminder when the fixed rate term is coming to an end, so that you can switch again in time and make sure that you’re always getting the best deal available.

Don't worry - you won't be receiving any other promotional e-mails from us or any third parties without your expressed consent!

What we do

We're here to help you save money on your energy bills

Huge numbers of people across the UK are paying more than they should be for their energy supply.

By comparing different tariffs from different suppliers, each and every one of these people could massively reduce their monthly bills.

Our mission is to help you become one of the thousands who have saved hundreds by comparing and switching.

To compare energy suppliers right here and now, just enter your postcode here and follow the simple instructions on screen to generate a list of available tariffs.

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